Newspaper Print Candles


to find out how to make these beautiful candles;

Here we go! A cheap and simple way to jazz up your plain old candles!

Materials you will need:


  • blow dryer
  • candles (preferably with a thick body)
  • newspaper of your choice
  • scissors
  • a push pin (optional, but handy)

Step 1:

This step is simple, it’s basically prep. You’ll need to remove any coverings on your candles. For this to work the newsprint will have to be directly in contact with your candle.

The candles that I bought were from the dollar store so they shouldn’t be too expensive for you to find.They came with a plastic covering; i just snipped them off with my handy little scissors. 

I’d also advise you to lay down some unwanted newspaper on your floor. I was doing this on carpet with newspaper and things got a little messy… (don’t do it on carpet).

Step 2:

This is where we will actually get to do things! 

The next thing to do is cut a piece of newspaper out the size of your candle. It should be enough to be able to wrap around your entire candle. The clipping could be anything you want! Choose your favorite section!

If you have a push pin, now would be a good time to stick it into the candle to hold the newspaper tightly around the candle. 

A tip to keep in mind, be sure that your newspaper is touching your candle all around, check for loose areas and tighten them up!

*Note:* If your candle is not round, it will not work. The news print will not be in direct contact with the candle and the ink will not be transferred



Step 3:

This part is where it gets a little hot.

Now, basically all you do is turn on your blow dryer and direct it towards your candle! Keep your dryer directed at your candle until you feel like all parts of the candle are melted on the newspaper evenly. Be careful not to keep your dryer on the same section for to long or it will create an indent!

Also, be wary of your fingers! Don’t keep your fingers near the heat for to long or it’ll hurt (I say this from experience </3)!

As well as burnt fingers, be cautious of flying wax (if there is any), don’t get it on your carpets!


Step 4:

Remove push pin from your candle (if the was one inserted), and remove the newspaper! My newspaper looked all wet from the wax, peeling it off felt so good.

If not all of the print is on the candle and there are missing pieces, DO NOT MOVE YOUR PRINT,  carefully push the pin (aha) back in and go back over those specific parts. 


.Step 5:

This is the last and final step (as well as the most satisfying one). 

Light your candle up and enjoy! 

Be careful with fire, though. Do not play with fire, kids.

I hope you enjoyed! If you did this please send me a picture! And if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to send an ask!